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FAQS  |  General
01. Do you travel for weddings and engagements?

Absolutely! I love to travel and will happily do so for your engagement or wedding. Near or far, simply request a quote for travel to your area.

02. Do you work with a second photographer for weddings?

For most weddings I work with a second photographer for no additional cost. An exception to this would be elopements and weddings under seventy-five guests.

03. How many hours of coverage would you suggest for a wedding?

I offer several different packages, and one of the biggest differences is coverage time. My first package includes seven hours of coverage, and this is ideal for smaller, intimate weddings. Nine hours of coverage is a perfect amount for typical weddings. It ensures plenty of preparation photos and well through the formal dances at your reception. I would highly recommend the twelve-hour package for weddings with full catholic or hindu ceremonies, or if you’d like to capture your fabulous grand exit from your reception. You also have the option of adding on time to your package, if you’d rather not upgrade your package. Please inquire for further details and questions about timing.

04. Do you recommend having a "First Look"

I never push my couples to have a first look. I appreciate and am comfortable capturing both sides, either seeing each other before or waiting for the isle. However, for winter weddings where light is more limited, I highly recommend doing a First Look.

05. Why should we do an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other. You’ll have a better sense of how I work, and what to expect for the big day. On the flip side, this is an essential time for me to observe how the two of you interact with each other and I will be better able to naturally capture the love between you two.

06. When should we have our engagement session and what should we wear?

There are a couple of simple things to consider before you book your engagement session. If you have a longer engagement, you have your pick of the seasons for your shoot. Will you be sending Save-the-Dates? If so, schedule your engagement session far in advance from the wedding date.

Bring several different outfit options and accessories, and we can piece together options before the shoot. Avoid matching each other; playing with texture, pattern, and layers will create a more visually interesting composition. Simple props are always fun to work with. A vintage car, bike, handful of balloons or flowers all can add some excitement and uniqueness to your photos.

Lastly, a tip for the ladies: your engagement session is a wonderful opportunity to do a trial run with your make up artist or hair stylist. Having your make up done professionally for your engagement session can make a great difference in your photos.

FAQS  |  Another Section
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